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Not Jaco's (this has been extensively done better by others) but mine...

My First Bass Encounter

It all started when one of my two elder brothers  (John Francis 25-04-1951) a drummer, suggested I took up the Bass guitar as there wasn't a great deal of good Bass Players around at the time. Although his Christian & middle name were the the same as Jaco's in 1976-7 Jaco was relatively unknown in the United Kingdom. The first Bass I got a hold of, after months of waiting, was loaned to me by Pete Edge, the bassist in the band John Played in. As far as I can remember he had moved away & the Bass, a Fender Mustang copy was surplus to requirements. It seems like yesterday when the bass was brought round to my Mothers house, tuned by ear, I couldn't wait to try it out.I was a short scale bass similar to the Fender Precision, split single coil, in-line tuners, red with a white single ply scratch plate. a volume & tone control. I remember borrowing a guitar pitch pipe (notoriously inaccurate) as the tuning by ear raised the pitch half an octave. The Bass would have been played through my Hi-Fi at the time, (Leak Delta 30 amplifier - 15 watts per channel & home made 8" + 1" speakers) also to protect my Mother & the neighbours, I made a headphone pre-amp). At collage one of my friends Robin McCoy worked in a Accordian / Piano shop at weekends, he found me a set of Rotosound RS88 Black Nylon Coated long scale strings, which I promptly tried out. The only trouble was that being long scale, the silk covered tapered ends went miles passed the machine heads and the nut had to be filed to get them to fit. They stayed on about a week until the old strings were boiled and given another lease of life. I bought a couple of Bass books, one of which I still have, "The complete book of scale & appegios", but playing along to records was the best way, hour upon hour of repeated listening to the same track, working out the notes & then commiting the whole thing to memory.