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GORDON GILTRAP             FEAR OF THE DARK TOUR                          24-11-78

This is the first Pro gig I attended. I'd just left school in the September. My good friend & drummer (Ken Leigh) got to the show hours too early, as would be the norm. He was to receive his first drum kit (Premier 5-Piece) the next day on his 17th Birthday. I had on loan a Fender Musicmaster (copy) short scale bass at the time. I remember sitting in the stalls,cold, physically shaking with excitement. Man was it loud....I was on a buzz for ages after that...The now legendry Simon Phillips on Drums. I can't recall the other musicians, I didn't get a program for some reason.

KATE BUSH                       THE TOUR OF LIFE                                       10-04-79

It seemed ages since the last show, I remember friends saying,"what are you going to see her for". Little did they know it was, in retrospect, the gig you should've been seen at. Plus the fact it was to be her one & only tour! It was a complete contrast to the Singer, Guitar, Bass, Drums etc sort of gig that you'd sort of expect. It had 7 Musicians, 2 backing Vocalists, 2 dancers, an illusionist, several intermissions & of course, Kate Bush..  The musicians included, the great Preston Heyman-drums, Del Palmer-bass(Kate's Boyfriend-Ken took an immediate dislike to him, can't understand why?)Ben Barson-synth, acoustic guitar, Alan Murphy-Electric guitar, flute, Paddy Bush(yes)-Mandolin etc, Brian Bath-Electric guitar, Kevin McAlea-Keyboards, saxophone, guitar. An outstanding show of the like, not to be seen again....ever

KATE BUSH                  THE TOUR OF LIFE                                            13-05-79

When I said not to be seen again, well you can't have too much of a good thing...can you? We must have known that it was the first & last tour. Anyway same line-up but at the Hammersmith Odean in London, I'd just turned 17 and we'd arrived as usual far too early, lunch time, sitting outside the stage door for most of the day. A group of us sat there, I recall, some brought flowers, some were asked to go & get shampoo for Kate and then some (Ken managed this somehow) went into the dressing rooms to help with a prop. To cut a red towel in to very small pieces, it was used in the song "James & the cold gun". The bad guys were dressed as cowboys and as Kate blasted them with the gun, the red towel was very realistic as the gun wounds & the sound of gunfire was Preston on the snare drum. To justify this trip to see the same show again to my Mum & family, I can now confess some 26 years later, I said that Peter Gabriel was on the same bill.......I lied!! Not to be out done by Ken I managed to put a loud whistle in a silent gap on the "On Stage" live E.P that was recorded at this show.

SKY                                        TOCCATA TOUR                                        19-05-79

Only 6 days later & we're back at the Apollo in Manchester. Sky had released the single "Toccata" composed by J.S Bach. Being an instrumental, it was used as backing music on most programs at that time. The Musicians were seasoned professional session men, including John Williams-Guitar(Cavetina-The Deerhunter), Kevin Peek-Electric guitar(Cliff Richard, Jeff Wayne, Olivia Newton-John), Herbie Flowers-bass(Bowie, T-Rex, Lou Reed-(yes"Walk on the wild side"), Francis Monkman-Keyboards (Curved Air, Kate Bush, Steve Harley) & the formidable Tristan Fry-Drums & Percussion(Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Duke Ellington) As I recall a quite gig comparatively, the music precise, almost clinical.


It was getting to be addictive so many different music styles to see, the "Punk" era was with us, and these people could actually play. It was like an old theatre hall act, the spot light landed on people in the audience and gifts were given out. In hind sight it was an excellent "Pub" act, on a bigger scale. Musicians included the late Ian Dury-Vocals,  Chaz Jankel-Guitar, Norman Watt-Roy-Bass, Davey Payne-Saxophone, The Late Charlie Charles-Drums, Micky Gallager &  John Turnbull I can't remember the instruments these two played.

LED ZEPPELIN           IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR TOUR                  04-08-79

I've never really been a Led Zeppelin fan, and it was another of those forsight things as John Bonham died soon after and they split. It was an event that was beyond belief, in all ways. Firstly because of the distance it meant an overnight stop, so Ken & I acquired 2, two man tents, sleeping bags etc. A practice run was executed in Ken's' Mum & Dads' back garden. The big day came & we got the coach from Manchester down to Reading. Of course we didn't realise that Knebworth was miles away from where the coach dropped us off. I had this massive army holdall, thick canvas that I'd embroidered "LED ZEPPELIN" on, oh my fingers! This was okay to carry to and from the coach, but with one strap, absolute hell. Oh and to top it off(to put you in the flavour of things), I had embroidered jeans that any Womens guild would have been proud of, a top hat with a red silk handkerchief in the band.(I know what you're thinking, but like I said,"you really had to be there") It was boiling hot, the holdall weighed a ton was a pig to carry on one shoulder and the hat made me sweat so it kept slipping down rubbing the skin off my forehead. Ah the price of vanity! When we finally got there the tents were (Argh!! we didn't bring a hammer-like I could carry more weight) pitched,  I went in search of some refreshments heading back to town. After I was refused alcohol (no I.D & only 17) I returned back to camp. I remember buying 4 1/2 pint cartons of milk, no food, just the sandwiches I'd brought with me. Highly thought out. Anyway we got talking to the other campers and it eventually became night, except for the mobile halogen light tower with throbbing generator that kept me awake, until some kind soul knobbled it. We were awoken by movement & raised voices, apparently the fence that separated us from the entrance gate had been breached. So at 5 a.m a quick decision was made to pack up tents and head for the end of the queue. As our tickets were processed (the whole thing was taken-hence the program shot) we entered the grounds, man it went on for miles & we were 1/4 mile from the stage. We picked our spot & you guessed waited..I don't know what time the first act came on, 10 a.m I guess, Chas And Dave-"Gertcha" supporting Led Zeppelin truly a masterstroke, well I enjoyed it anyway. This was followed by Fairport Convention, Dave Pegg-Bass, Dave Mattacks-Drums, then The New Commander Cody Band, Anthony Carl Johnson-Drums, Kim Ischliman-Bass (man, woman not sure too far to see), Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes (Yes well), Todd Rundgren, dressed in a Banana skin and finally, Led Zeppelin, yes the only lineup Plant, Page, Bonham and John Paul Jones. They did play all the classics but after the first or second encore we left, having travelled 1/4 mile they came back on but we were knackered. We were of course the only two people (a reported audience of 300,000) to take our tents into the arena, so in the pitch black (don't forget the knobbled generator) the tents were thrown up and we crashed out. Lots of waiting around for trains, coaches & buses on the way home......never ever again!!!

WHITESNAKE                         LOVE HUNTER TOUR                              26-10-79

As I said gigs were plenty full and I wasn't adverse to any genre of music, so long as they could play. Back to the standard band format for this one. Time had passed since my last hair cut and I think it was at it's peak at 24 inches, highly suitable for this gig. The band a combination of well established rocksters from Deep Purple, Cozy Powell's Hammer and Collosium II amongst others. Musicians, David Coverdale-Vocals, Ian Paice-Drums, Jon Lord(no longer with us)-Keyboards, a very young looking, Neil Murrey-Bass, Micky Moody-Guitar, Bernie Marsden-Guitar. A good rock gig, par for the course ringing in the ears and the last bus home. I must at this point say a big 'Thankyou to Ken's' Dad for picking us up from all but a few gigs in and around Manchester. "Thanks Frank"!

BRAND X                                   LIVESTOCK TOUR                                  1979-ish

Some time around the late 70's I managed to get to see this band. They were on at Salford University, hence no ticket stub, a very under advertised event. Having been a member of the Genesis fan club, I found out at the last moment & just secured the one ticket. The band recorded with Phil collins as drummer, but in the tour drummers seat was unknown Chuck Burgi, (Al di Mieola). The other musicians were the original, Percy Jones-bass(Brian Eno, Big Jim Sullivan & voted Top New Jazz Bass Player by Record World magazine), John Goodsall-Guitar(Atomic Rooster), Peter Robinson-Keyboards(P.J Proby, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Tim Rice), Morris Pert-Percussion(Brian Ferry, Kate Bush, John Williams, Paul McCartney & Donovan). Basic song structures with improvisation gone mad. Classic jazz rock fusion I think it was called, never really got into the Percy Jones's envelope follower (Doctor Q) sort of sound, but I became a Wal bass enthusiast though.

Jake Thackray                                                                                          1979-ish

Around this time the venue was our local community centre, which I'd only been to twice once as a wedding guest & the other in a band at another wedding party. I'd previously joined the library to expand my musical knowledge, worn out my vinyl and the libray had some new tapes. Having borrowed  all the Genesis albums I hadn't got & similar bands (No Weather Report stuff here!) I diversified. Jake Thackrey had been on the television, the "That's Life" program, with Ester Rantzen & Co. His Style was unique, many have tried to copy (Victoria Wood, Jasper Carrot, Richard Stilgoe, Mike Harding etc) a master of the English Verse. Basing himself as his hero Georges Brassens. So when I saw poster in the library I had to go. The venue was like a small school  hall, with a make do stage, and a temporary bar in another room. Everyone dragged the stacking chairs  close to the stage.                       


During this time I had been studying the bass guitar for a year or so & it was slow going, listening to records & figuring out what notes fitted where. There was no sampling or units to slow things down, whilst keeping the same pitch yet. I attended venues, usually organised by music shops, seeing the latest endorsee of various equipment. Carmine Appice-Drums(Rod Stewart, Pink Floyd, Stanley Clarke, Ted Nugent...)played the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester his band unfortunately, I have no recollection of, I can only remember a ridiculous, 'Flying 18" drum" he had & a piece of music played in 9/8 time. Simon Phillips-Drums(Toto, Mike Rutherford, Mick Jagger, The Who, Jeff Beck, Jack Bruce, Peter Gabriel, Joe Satriani, Tears for Fears, Judas Priest, Roxy Music, Michael SchenkerAl DiMeola, Pete TownshendRobert Palmer, Stanley Clarke, The Pretenders, Jon Anderson, Whitesnake and Dave Gilmour plus many many more...) did a clinic as they're known by, at the Manchester University with Mel Gaynor-Drums(Simple Minds), amazing then, just ridiculous now. And John Hiseman-Drums(Collesium I & II, Barbara Thompson(His Wife),John McClouglin, Jack Bruce, Andrew Lloyd-Webber) Now he takes some beating, (sorry) single, double & triple stroke rolls on the snare drum starting slowly building up to full 'buzz rolls' then while at full speed on snare drum, slowly on double bass drums the same, building up speed, whilst the snare rolls decrease speed & back again..total independence totally amazing.... Also Louie Bellson-Drums, Band Leader & Composer(Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Tommy Dorsey and Benny Goodman bands and his work with Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and others.)The inventor of the two-bass drum configeration, discribed by Ellington as "one of the greatest musicians". This clinic was held at the now demolished Davenport Theatre (Ken Played there on the last night before they pulled it down.Theres a joke here, okay no) I think at this point I realised that, it wasn't just technical ability that made you a good player you had to have the feel & the spirit. I attended several gutar / Bass clinics during this time, usually endorsing Fender or Musicman I think. They might of been Professional musicians but no one I'd heard of...average performances.

PETER GABRIEL                     TOUR OF CHINA 1984                           05-03-80

No not an error, it was only 1980 but I got a great deal of milage out of the 1984 tour T-shirt. The program to was should I say different. Rather than the usual A4 glossy promoting sound systems & Pernod, it was in the form of Mao Tsetungs' "Little Red Book". "Games without frontiers" was high in the charts, the album Peter Gabriel III was deemed commercial suicide intriguing as it had no cymbals recorded on it.And the lyrics included the line, "Whistling in tune we piss on the goons in the jungle", highly amusing at the time, no need for the obligatory parental guidance stickers then, just good fun. Peter performed, "Bully for You", a song co-written with Tom robinson of "2-4-6-8 Motorway" fame & other things!!! I've never managed to get a copy of Gabriels version if there is one? Incidentally if you can recall Thomas Dolby & the "Blinded me with science" single, featuring a vocal sample of Magnus Pike, saying,"Science" His real name was also Tom Robinson, but the two agreed some years earlier that whoever became famous first, kept the name. I sounded like Steve Wright on TOTP 2 for a moment then. An incredible sound for a five piece band who wore matching jumpsuites. Not quite the theatrics of early Genesis but with monologues and stories non the less. Musicians, Peter Gabriel-Vocals & Keyboards, Jerry Marrota-Drums, Tony Levin-Stick & Bass, Larry Fast-Keyboards & John Ellis-Guitars. Incidentally Random Hold the support band had David Rhodes on Guitar who became Gabriels long term guitarist to this day. I have been reminded that the audience were a little rude that night, talking over the monologues & the like. But to my suprise Ken screeeemed, "Shut up" at the top of his voice, this had the desired effect and Mr Gabriel said, rather sardonically,"Thank you".

GENESIS                                   THE DUKE TOUR                                    02-05-80

This was a must see gig for me and probably one of the best. I was watching Granada Reports the local news program on the television one tea time and they were reporting on the people cueing outside the Apollo for the Manchester shows(2). I decided to get the first bus down there in the morning. At 5 a.m I was on my way, and I couldn't believe my eyes, there must have been  a queue of 300 or more right past the end of the building on to the field. I joined the end of the line and waited.....The grass was damp so I stood for a while, after a couple of hours or so there was unrest & a break for the front of the queue. Not wanting to be left behind I joined the rush, after the bustling & commotion had died down there were angry people keen to eject the queue jumpers. I gave an Oscar winning performance, "disgusting people should wait there turn", the baying for blood subsided. Now I was at the second fire escape door from the front, the police arrived with the instruction that anyone who didn't have their feet on the pavement had to go to the back, I slowly edged the offending foot on the footpath. The box office finally opened & I started to move forward, I'd like to say that I took the golden tickets & retired home to bed. But this was the real world and just as I got within grabbing distance of handles on the main door, the cry of, "SOLD OUT", filled the air.  I still had my fast track via the Genesis fan club & it came up trumps, not the Apollo, but the Liverpool Empire I think we caught the afternoon train arriving in plenty of time to orientate ourselves. The time arrived & we were in, now the Apollo which had become a second home had the seats in the stalls starting AA,BB,CC etc. I think after EE it then went to A,B,C...So it was a great suprise to land a front row seats. There was a camera crew filming the show, to be part of a documentary broadcast during the next couple of weeks. Video recorders were around but at £800, not at our house, so the moment was lost. Coincidentally this past Christmas 2004, I had hinted to my family that there were certain things they could possibly get for me, to make it easier for them you understand. This one thing was a Dvd called," Inside Genesis-A Critical Review". Over the Christmas holidays after all the food & drinks had been consumed, I was fiddling with my bass guitar, (sorry, running through a structured regime of cello exercises) the Dvd was on in the back ground. Something looked familiar and I began to laugh, here it was 24 years later my 2 seconds of fame for all to see. I interrupted my Wife's viewing & said poiting at the screen, "do you recognise anyone", staring into the crowd shot, see smiled & said,"how could I miss that big nose". My children took some convincing, not of me, but ,"That isn't Phil Collins", yes Phil Collins with hair, a beard and sporting an Hawian shirt, I can see their point. Fast rewind 25 years & I was in heaven, three feet off the stage monitors (shouldn't that be one metre-politically correct squad). "Dance on a volcano","Deep in the motherlode","Ripples", they were all here, Double neck guitars, bass pedals, "I know what I like in your wardrobe" complete with "tarantell".Was it all a dream, no the last train home was about to leave  but we didn't care. We'd squeezed them dry, "we don't know any more!", Phil cried. The house lights illuminated the stalls & it was over. Tumbling out of the doors & into the darkness, for a while we sat on a bench reviewing the gig. Musicians were of course, Phil CollinsMike Rutherford, Tony BanksChester Thomson & Daryl Stumer. It had turned midnight & my 18th Birthday had arrived. Later, Ken's' Dad, way & above the call of duty, drove the 35 miles to pick us up & deliver us home safely. Once again Many thanks Frank...

SKY                                              SKY II TOUR                                        11-05-80

Back at a Sky gig, same sort of format here. The band I'd been a member of for a while Bax Rafter (No, nothing to do with Max Factor so I was told) a covers band with the odd original song thrown in for good measure. With a mixed bag of personel & all into different music, as I remember the drummer & I at this particular time were into (Weather Report - this was never going to happen, Genesis- good effort,trying to simulate all the sounds is likened to trying to build concord but all you have to work with is matchsticks. Where as the keyboard player, Neville - Classical, The Stranglers & The Stanglers...followed by Neil, vocals - XTC, The Pretenders & finally Stuart, Guitar - Kinks, The Who etc. As you can see diverse in every way. Neil did'nt like Phil Collins & we didn't particularly like the New Wave stuff! If you're having trouble visualising this, I will be putting photos & a list of songs that would be typical of a show on one of the following pages, you have been warned. Anyway back to the plot. Neville was keen to see Sky so the drummer & I not to be unwilling, went along for the ride. It was obvious when we arrived at the show that, the popularity of the Classical/Pop amalgamation had suffered by the turn out of punters. When Mr Williams & Co. took to the stage, they asked everyone to move forwards & fill the empty seats, there wern't enough of us! They did a consummate performance, but Herbie Flowers,"Tuba Smarties" should have been axed along time ago. Same lineup & similar songs....entertaining, never toured again & I didn't lose any sleep over that.

STEVE HACKETT                    DEFECTOR TOUR                                16-06-1980

As a keen Genesis follower, the musicians who had been in the band obviously had to be seen to be fully appreciated. Steve who had left Genesis in 1977 had released four solo albums to date, the penultimate, "Spectral Mornings" was never far away from the turntable at the time. He had played The Reading Festival & I copied the Live recording that (the late) Tommy Vance had broadcast on his Friday night rock show (still have it somewhere). The musicians were...

WEATHER REPORT                        NIGHT PASSAGE TOUR              11-11-1980

Note: This is Pat Metheny's liner notes to the 2000 reissue of Jaco's debut album, "Jaco Pastorius",

and how odd it is to see this era of historical revisionism in jazz how this accomplishment is often relegated by people who should know better as being "not jazz" or as "fusion" (possibly the single most ignorant and damaging term ever invented to describe (discount) an important and vital branch of the jazz music tree). jaco at his best, as on this record, defines what the word jazz really means. jaco used his own experiences filtered through an almost unbelievable originality informed by a musicianship as audacious as it was expansive, to manifest into sound through improvisation a musical reality that illuminated his individuality. and besides all that, he simply played his ass off - in a way that was totally unprecedented on his instrument, or on ANY instrument for that matter.

because jaco's thing has been so fully assimilated into the culture and the musical vocabulary of our time, i notice that it is difficult for people who weren't around at the time of his emergence to fully weigh the impact of his contribution. as a young musician who met jaco in his prime when we were both just starting out, i can only say that my reaction upon hearing him for the first time (with ira sullivan in miami, florida in 1972) was simply one of shock - i had literally never heard anything remotely like it, nor had anyone else around at the time. and yes, as is so often noted in his case, the way he was playing was unprecedented in technical terms, but that wasn't what made it so stunningly appealing to me. there was a humanity to jaco's thing, built into those relentless grooves was that rare quality that only the most advanced jazz musicians seem to be able to conjure up - with jaco, you were hearing the sound of a time, of an entire generation at work, on the move.

our musical relationship was immediate. we recognized in each other a kind of impatience with the status quo of our respective instruments and jazz in general and found an instantaneous rapport from the first notes we played together. we also became really good friends. during the short time that i lived in miami (near jaco's hometown of ft. lauderdale), we played show gigs together and occasionally played at his house (he was living on top of a laundromat at the time) and spent a lot of time just talking about music, much of it about how intensely we both disliked the so-called jazz/rock of the time. ( how ironic that we are both now associated (inaccurately) with that movement). shortly after we met, i wound up moving to boston to join gary burton's quartet. during this period, jaco and i spent time working together in new york with pianist paul bley and began a trio that lasted for several years with drummer bob moses (that group later went on to record what became my first record "bright size life".)

in the middle of this period jaco recorded this album. when jaco got word that herbie hancock (a major hero of both of ours) had agreed to participate, i think his already inspired vision of what he could be as a musician and what he could do with this record in particular went to a whole other level. listening again to this record, and the way that he and herbie hook up on the original and the alternate takes of "used to be a cha-cha" we are hearing improvised music at it's highest level - but with a difference. jaco restructured the function of the bass in music in a way that has affected the outcome of countless musical projects to follow in his wake - an innovation that is still being absorbed by rhythm section players to this day - he showed the world that there was an entirely different way to think of the bass function, and what it meant. for this alone, jaco would earn a major place in the pantheon of jazz history. but, of course, there was so much more.

his solo on 'donna lee', beyond being astounding for just the fact that it was played with a hornlike phrasing that was previously unknown to the bass guitar is even more notable for being one of the freshest looks at how to play on a well traveled set of chord changes in recent jazz history - not to mention that it's just about the hippest start to a debut album in the history of recorded music. that solo, along with his best compositions like "continuum" reveal a melodic ingenuity (that rarest and hardest to quantify of musical qualities amongst improvisors) that comes along only a few times in each generation. and then there is just his basic relationship to sound and touch; refined to a degree that some would have thought impossible on an "electric" instrument.

jaco's legacy has had a rough go of it - a horribly inaccurate, botched biography, endless cassette bootlegs of late-life gigs that do nothing but devalue the importance of his message through greed and overkill, and a mythology that seems to thrive on the stories that surrounded the lesser aspects of his lifestyle over the triumphs of his early musical vision and wisdom.

but you know what? you put this record on, and none of that matters. it is all here, in the grooves; everything you need to know about the guy. jaco pastorius was one of the most important musicians of our time - the fact that this was his first record is simply astonishing, there is no other way to put it. that this is without question the most auspicious debut album of the past quarter century is inarguable. as with all great recordings, the force of it's value becomes more evident as time passes. jaco pastorius may well have been the last jazz musician of the 20th century to have made a major impact on the musical world at large. everywhere you go,sometimes it seems like a dozen times a day, in the most unlikely places you hear jaco's sound; from the latest tv commercial to bass players of all stripes copping his licks on recordings of all styles, from news broadcasts to famous rock and roll bands, from hip hop samples to personal tribute records, you hear the echoes of that unmistakable sound everywhere. (it may even be more imitated at this point than the previously most pervasive jazz sound to escape into the broader culture beyond the local borders of jazz, the moody harmon mute stylings of miles davis). for all the caterwauling that has gone on about new musicians that have shown up in recent years being toted as the "next miles", or the "duke ellington of their generation", or whatever, jaco outranks all of them and all of that by being the one and the only of his kind, without predecessor; the only post 1970 jazz musician known on a first name basis with all music fans of all varieties everywhere in the world. from the depths of africa where he is revered in almost god-like status to the halls of most every music university on the planet. to this day, and maybe more than ever, he remains the one and the only JACO.

Set List

1. Fast City (Zawinul) 8:11
2. Madagascar (Zawinul) 17:40
3. Dream Clock (Zawinul) 9:57
4. Night Passage (Zawinul) 10:01
5. Three Views of a Secret (Pastorius) 7:49
6. Port of Entry (Shorter) 9:21
7. Bass Solo (Pastorius) 11:52
8. Brown Street (Zawinul-Shorter) 16:34
9. Drum Percussion Duet (Erskine-Thomas) 8:47
10. Forlorn (Zawinul) 3:03
11. Rockin' In Rhythm (Ellington/Mills/Carney) 4:12
12. Birdland (Zawinul) 9:14
13. Keyboard - Sax Duet (Zawinul-Shorter) 8:05
14. The Orphan (Zawinul) :37
15. Teen Town Jam (Band) 5:51
16. Badia - Boogie Woogie Waltz (Zawinul) 12:20


JEFF BECK                         THERE AND BACK TOUR                         07-03-1981

BARBARA THOMPSON'S PARAPHANALIA                                       07-06-1981

STEVE HACKETT                          CURED TOUR                                     08-10-81

THE STRANGLERS                      LA FOLIE TOUR                  25-11-1981

GENESIS                                   ABACAB TOUR                                  22-12-1981

GENESIS                                    GENESIS TOUR                                20-08-1982

PHIL COLLINS                   HELLO I MUST BE GOING TOUR            01-12-1982

LEVEL 42                        IN PURSUIT OF ACCIDENTS TOUR           16-09-1983

LEVEL 42                                    WORLD MACHINE TOUR                31-10-1984

JOHN MARTYN                           PIECE BY PIECE TOUR                  26-02-1986

ELVIS COSTELLO                                                                                30-01-1987

GENESIS                               INVISIBLE TOUCH TOUR                     28-06-1987

CHER                                  HEART OF STONE TOUR                         21-10-1990

MICHAEL McDONALD               TAKE IT TO HEART TOUR               17-11-1990

PHIL COLLINS                            BOTH SIDES TOUR                         28-11-1994

MICHAEL McDONALD                 BLUE OBSESSION TOUR              09-10-2001

MICHAEL McDONALD                      MOTOWN TOUR                        08-03-2005

PAUL CARRACK                       SATISFY MY SOUL TOUR                 16-07-2005

Too good an opportunity to miss this one. Imagine for a moment, First of all Paul Carrack, a musicians, musician (singers, singer), backed by a band of thoroughbred muso's. Then the venue, open air in this case,  less than a five minute walk from your house. Front row position, after a bit of gentle persuasion from yours truly. None of the usual, no Cameras, no recorders, no enjoying yourself too much!! And if that wasn't enough it was FREE. Now the only small sacrifice was....It was a part of the Radio Wales Big Buzz Tour, like the preceeding Radio 1 road shows in years past, but not all of the acts mimed as they can't really sing. ( sorry..I meant so they can dance )  Of course June & I kept up the now age old tradition of arriving much too early 12 o'clock, the show started at 2 p.m. Armed with cameras & video recording equipment, then a second trip was warranted for every thing we should have brought (Folding chairs for the six hour bash, food & drinks Plus other sundries). First of all it was hosted by James Fox of Fame Academy fame ( another of June's favourites ) & Karen Vincent ( I think ) a presenter on Radio Wales. First up Empathy, a local band who have won various stages in a national band contest. A good performance which was unfortunately pre-live broadcast which went on air at 2 p.m I have no band info as yet until I trawl the web. Next up Lisa Scott-Lee,flanked by two dancers, a once local girl who was part of the Steps line-up. She said it was good to be back in Rhyl, but her performance wasn't so good. Miming to three songs, her latest single plus two more obscure tracks that nobody seemed to know. Not a fan, but as a deck chair critic she could have least have mimed to a couple of the Steps mega hits. Wire Daisy were next, a sort of Fairport Convention affair from Cornwall a touch bland for a live broadcast but competant never the less ( I can't find anymore details as yet ). As Mr Fox announced the next act Andy Scott -Lee, I had to make my apologies as our dog, Poppy was due her oblutions. I did'nt hear any of the three songs he performed and I can't say  if he mimed or not. But to quote June, "He Was Good". I returned fresh armed with more sustanence for the next three hours. Alabama 3

MICHAEL BOLTON                    GREATEST HITS TOUR                    22-10-2005

As you might have guessed, the first pre gig entry. Whilst maybe not my first choice of artist to go & see, I bought the tickets for my Wife, June as a Valentine present. One of her all time favourites and probably never to be seen again. Oh and by the way the odds at the moment are 50/50 whether we go or sell the tickets on EBay. More as and when...

CHRIS REA                                  FAREWELL TOUR                           30-03-2006

Promoted as his fairwell gig due to past illness problems, a chance not to be missed. I'm sure it'll be a hell of a show! 

RAY WILSON                    WORLD OF GENESIS TOUR                     04-05-2006

The World of Genesis is a musical anthology with all the hits that are connected with the original band – Genesis. However, it is also is an opportunity to see ex Genesis singer/songwriter Ray Wilson performing classics like Land of Confusion, I Can’t Dance, Ripples, In the Air Tonight, Follow You Follow Me, Entangled, Solsbury Hill,Games Without Frontiers, Over My Shoulder, Carpet Crawlers to name but a few songs from the show.

Ray and his band will perform a 2 hour show of classic songs and anecdotes from the World of Genesis on Thursday 4th May at 7.30pm at the Pavilion Theatre, Rhyl. Ray performed and co wrote on the last Genesis studio album Calling All Stations which reached number 2 in the UK and Germany.

He also did a 44 date European Tour with the band which included shows at Earls Court in London and the Olympic Arena in Munich.

GREG LAKE                                                                                          07-09-2006

with his fabulous New Band

From his initial days in the explosive London music scene of the late 1960s,
through his time with rock innovators King Crimson, and as lead singer and
guitarist for the legendary British rock band, Emerson, Lake and Palmer;
Greg Lake has continually made records that have endured the test of time.

In Autumn 2005, audiences in the UK enjoyed the long-awaited return of
Greg Lake to the stage for the first time in a decade.
The critically acclaimed tour provided the opportunity for all to see the man, and hear the voice, that defined the world of rock music!

GO WEST                        21st ANNIVERSARY TOUR                        04-10-2006

The Story so far.....
It was 1982 when Peter Cox and Richard Drummie first pulled their artistic talents together to form Go West. With only a publishing deal and a portastudio, but lacking a band or record company, Peter and Richard decided, with the help of their manager, John Glover, to find a producer, go into the studio and record two of their songs for themselves. These songs were 'We Close Our Eyes' and 'Call Me'. Within a matter of days John Glover was negotiating with Chrysalis Records and Go West signed their first record deal.
Their debut single 'We Close Our Eyes' was released in 1985 and reached number four in the UK charts, and became a top ten hit in the USA. The success of 'We Close Our Eyes' was followed by three other top ten hits; 'Call Me', 'Goodbye Girl' and 'Don't Look Down'.

Their debut self-titled album, Go West sold 1.5 million copies worldwide and established the pair not just as a chart force but as one of the great singer/songwriter duos to emerge in the 80s. They became the focus of media attention, gracing magazine covers and making numerous TV appearances. In 1986 they won a BRIT Award for 'Best British Newcomer'.

Their second album Dancing On The Couch was released in 1987. The singles 'True Colours', 'I Want To Hear It From You' and 'The King Is Dead' were all top thirty hits, and although it didn't match the success of their debut LP sales, it once again established them as extraordinary songwriters and has become something of a cult collectors' item.

In 1992 their third album Indian Summer was more mellow, justifying more than ever their early description by legendary producer Arif Mardin as 'modern Motown'. This album contained their single 'The King Of Wishful Thinking' the opening song in the hugely successful film Pretty Woman. The soundtrack album from this film has sold over ten million copies worldwide. 'The King Of Wishful Thinking' received an ASCAP award in 1991 for one of the most-played songs on American radio and 'Faithful', the second single from this album, received similar BMI awards in 1992 and 1993.

Aces and Kings, the album released in 1993, was a collection of their greatest hits, and the single 'Tracks Of My Tears', a re-working of Smokey Robinson's classic, was released from this album and entered the Top 20 singles chart.

In 1994 Peter Cox made the move to Los Angeles where he decided to base himself. That year he recorded his self-titled solo album with EMI Records. He released two singles, 'Ain't Gonna Cry Again', which reached the top thirty in the UK, and 'If You Walk Away'. Peter has continued to live in the States, writing for specific projects and other artists.

In April 2001 Go West released an album, The Best of Go West - Live At The NEC, a concert recorded during their last live tour together in 1993. This contained all their greatest hits performed live in front of a sell-out crowd in Birmingham. The album also included two brand new tracks 'All Day, All Night' and 'Hangin' On For Dear Life', which were their first studio recordings together in seven years.

Over the past 18 months Go West have performed a number of live shows around the UK including two arena tours, the first and second sell-out Here And Now tours. After a fantastically well received first tour they were the automatic first choice to step on the second tour.

Peter returned in the summer from the USA following seven weeks on Granada Televisions' Reborn In The USA. On 30th July he performed to a sell-out audience with Tony Hadley at the Shepherds Bush Empire. This eventually led to a full-scale tour of the UK in 2004 with Tony Hadley that played to over 90,000 people. In the same year, he released his second solo album Desert Blooms.

Over the past six years Richard has concentrated on his songwriting and record production and has worked with amongst others, Ritchie Neville, Lena Fiagbe, Robbie Craig, Next Of Kin, 21st Century Girls, Kenny Thomas and Debbie Gibson.

2005 was another busy year for Go West as they celebrated their 20th Anniversary with another sell-out tour of the UK featuring a sell out gig at the Birmingham Symphony Hall, where special guests from the past turned up to wish them happy anniversary. 2005 also saw Peter celebrating his 50th birthday with a gig at Shephards Bush Empire in London. Check out a review of 2005 here.2006 promises a new single a new album and another uk tour for Go West. A new solo album from Peter and a UK Tour.See the tour pages for some photos and reviews